2010New York Symposium

New York University
New York
October 18-19, 2010

International Symposium on Cross-Border Investment and M&A

– Transactions in the Post-Crisis World –

The International Institute for the Study of Cross-Border Investment and M&A held its third annual Symposium on October 18-19 at New York University in New York City.

The Symposium brought together a small group of global leaders in industry, finance and law to discuss current issues in international cross-border mergers, acquisitions and strategic investments. A particular focus of the conversation in 2010 was the implications for cross-border transactional and investment activity of the changes in the global economy and regulatory environment following the financial crisis of 2008-2009.

国际跨国投资与并购协会(International Institute for the Study of Cross-Border Investment and M&A)于10月18-19日在纽约的纽约大学举行了它的第三次年度研讨会。 本次年度研讨会召集了一些来自产业、金融和法律领域的全球领导者,共同讨论当前存在于国际跨境并购及战略投资领域中的各类问题。2010年研讨会讨论的一个重点是2008-2009年金融危机后全球经济与监管环境中发生的一系列变化对跨境交易及投资活动的影响。