Amendment to Civil Procedural Law

CHINESE UPDATE – China to Amend Civil Procedural Law

Highlights: The Draft Amendment contains substantial changes to the Civil Procedural Law, with an aim to solve many practical problems in civil trials from small claims to enforcement. One of the fundamental legislative purposes of the current amendment is to provide more rights to Chinese citizens in civil trials, and to make the country’s civil … Continued

Editors’ Note:   Contributed by Fang He, a partner at Jun He and a member of XBMA’s Legal Roundtable.  Ms. He has broad experience in M&A, outbound investment, foreign direct investment, private equity and intellectual property.  Authored by Mr. Luming Chen. A partner at Jun He’s dispute resolution practice group, Mr. Chen has over 20 years of experience in practicing PRC law, with a focus on international arbitration and cross-border dispute resolution matters. Ms. Qiao Peng, an associate at Jun He, helped prepare the article.


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