INDIAN UPDATE – New Takeover Regime Provides Clarity for Indirect Acquisitions in India and Overhauls Old Regime

Executive Summary/Highlights: New regulations overhaul the Indian takeover regime, increase transparency, and represent a significant improvement. One of the key changes is the new principle-based treatment accorded to “indirect” acquisitions, where a substantial acquisition of shares, voting rights or control of a target company occurs indirectly through the acquisition of shares or control of an … Continued

Editors’ Note:  Cyril Shroff is the managing partner of Amarchand & Mangaldas & Suresh A. Shroff & Co. and a member of XBMA’s Legal Roundtable.  Mr. Shroff is one of the deans of the Indian corporate bar and a leading authority on Indian M&A, with extensive experience handling many of the largest and most complex domestic and cross-border takeover, banking and project finance transactions in India.


CHINESE UPDATE – China Inc.’s Revamped Cross-Border Takeover Strategy Shows Signs of Success, Correcting the Mistakes of the First Wave of Chinese Foreign Acquisitions

How China Reset Its Global Acquisition Agenda, by Peter J. Williamson and Anand P. Raman Executive Summary/Highlights: The first wave of cross-border takeovers by Chinese companies, between 2000 and 2007, was unsuccessful because of a number of strategic and tactical mistakes, including pursuit of inexpensive deals and troubled companies that were difficult to turn around; … Continued

Editors’ Note:  Peter J. Williamson, one of the authors of this very interesting article, is Professor of International Management at Cambridge Judge Business School and a founding director of XBMA.  Professor Williamson is one of world’s the foremost experts on the internationalization of Chinese companies and their global impact, cross-border mergers and acquisitions, and the implications for corporate strategy of globalization, among other areas, and also has extensive experience in prominent positions in the business world.  This article was published in the Harvard Business Review in April 2011.


SINGAPOREAN UPDATE – Methods, Trends and Developments in Singaporean M&A

Executive Summary/Highlights: As at June 2011, overall M&A activity in Singapore was up 40.8 per cent to US$23.3 billion, making it the busiest half-year opening since 2008. The rise has been driven by various factors, not least the amount of capital funds flowing into South-East Asia. Singapore recently liberalized its banking regulations to allows banks … Continued

Editors' Note: This paper was contributed by Rachel Eng, Managing Partner of WongPartnership and a member of XBMA's Legal Roundtable. It was authored by Andrew Ang, Deputy Head of WongPartnership's Corporate/Mergers & Acquisitions Practice and Elaine Chan, Joint Head of the firm’s Financial Services Regulatory Practice. Ms. Eng, Mr. Ang and Ms. Chan are leading experts in both domestic and cross-border M&A in Singapore and other jurisdictions in Southeast Asia.


XBMA – Quarterly Review for Q1 2011

The attached slides summarize trends in cross-border M&A and strategic investment activity throughout the first quarter of 2011.   Highlights: Global M&A volume for Q1 2011 was US$671.8 billion, up 29.5% as compared to Q1 2010. Cross-border transactions have rebounded substantially from 2009: 38% of Q1 2011 global M&A was cross-border — up slightly from … Continued

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