CHINA UPDATE – Chinese Court Refuses to Enforce an Arbitral Award Rendered by Post-Separation CIETAC Branch – Suggestions for Drafting Arbitration Agreements

Highlights: The recent separation of the two former branches from the well-known Chinese arbitration institution-CIETAC and the branches’ establishment as independent arbitration institutions have brought confusion to the domestic and international arbitration community and businesses with regard to some arbitration agreements providing for arbitration at a CIETAC branch. The recent judgments of two Chinese courts … Continued

Editors’ Note: Contributed by Fang He, a partner at Jun He and a member of XBMA’s Legal Roundtable.  Ms. He has broad experience in M&A, outbound investment, foreign direct investment, private equity and intellectual property.  This article was authored by Christine Kang, Stanley Wan and Mark Chu of Jun He Law Offices. Ms. Kang is a partner of Jun He Law Offices. She has over 15 years’ experience in international arbitration and dispute resolution. Ms. Kang is also a listed arbitrator on the Panel of Arbitrators of some major international arbitration institutions including CIETAC.  Mr. Wan and Mr. Chu are senior lawyers of Jun He Law Offices.


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