GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE REPORT – Setting Strategic Priorities

China China’s unprecedented infrastructure building spree is stampeding ahead. The country is able to fund projects totaling trillions of dollars because it was largely unaffected by the recent global economic downturn. Infrastructure growth plans on a large scale Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou have some of the most sophisticated and integrated transport systems in the world. … Continued

Editors’ Note:  Franny Yao (Yao Fang), who contributed this article, is a Partner & Leader at Ernst & Young in Beijing, responsible for Key Accounts and Government Relations in China.  She is a founding director of XBMA and has broad expertise in cross-border M&A, representing major Chinese companies in their global expansion and other strategic drives.  This summary was produced by Ernst & Young’s Global Real Estate Center, whose leaders include Howard Roth, Global Real Estate Leader (U.S.), Malcolm Bairstow, Global Construction and Infrastructure Leader (UK), and Rick Sinkuler, Global Real Estate Markets Leader (U.S.).


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