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PERUVIAN UPDATE – The Impact of “Lava Jato” on M&A in Peru

Background: Lava Jato reaches Peru Corruption has always been a sensitive issue when doing business in Latin America. In recent years, the Brazilian “Lava Jato” investigation has been in the spotlight for its implications throughout the continent. Brazilian construction giants such as Odebrecht, OAS, Camargo Correa, Andrade Gutierrez and Quieroz Galvao, among others, were indicted … Continued

Editors’ Note:  This post was written by Jose Antonio Payet and Mario Lercari Bueno of Payet Rey Cauvi Pérez, one of Peru’s leading firms with significant experience in foreign investment in Peru.  Mr. Payet is a member of XBMA’s Legal Roundtable.


BRAZILIAN UPDATE – Brazil’s New Antitrust Law To Require Pre-Merger Clearance

Executive Summary/Highlights: The Brazilian House of Representatives has approved a bill that substantially changes merger review procedures and antitrust investigations in Brazil.  The new law is subject to Presidential approval and will likely become effective in mid-2012. The new law creates a pre-merger review system (clearance will be a condition precedent to closing) and changes … Continued

Editors’ Note:  This paper was authored by Tito Amaral de Andrade, partner, and Erica Sumie Yamashita, associate, at Machado, Meyer, Sendacz e Opice Advogados, one of Brazil’s most  respected corporate law firms with extensive experience in Brazilian M&A and antitrust matters.


PERUVIAN UPDATE – New Rules for Investments in Natural Resources in Peru

Executive Summary/Highlights: New laws  provide indigenous people consultation right with respect to investment in Peruvian natural resources, but not the veto investors feared; however, they could delay projects while regulations are worked out, New mining “windfall profit tax” expected by the Peruvian Government to raise the total tax and mandatory profit sharing costs in the … Continued

Editors’ Note:  This paper was written by Jose Antonio Payet and Silvia Cachay, partners at Payet Rey Cauvi, one of Peru’s leading firms with significant experience in foreign investment in Peru.  Mr. Payet is a member of XBMA’s Legal Roundtable.


BRAZILIAN UPDATE – Recent Restrictions on Foreign Investment in Agribusiness in Brazil Could Have Broader Implications for Cross-Border Acquisitions of Brazilian Companies that own Land

Executive Summary/Highlights: An August 2010 legal opinion of the Federal Attorney-General of Brazil (Advocacia Geral da União) extended the Brazilian law that restricts the acquisition of rural land by foreigners to apply also to acquisitions of land by Brazilian companies controlled by foreigners. As a result, cross-border change of control transactions involving Brazilian companies that … Continued

Editors’ Note:  Antônio Corrêa Meyer is a founding partner of Machado Meyer and a member of XBMA’s Legal Roundtable.   Mr. Meyer is one of Brazil’s leading experts in the internationalization processes of Brazilian companies, mergers and acquisitions, and large infrastructure projects, all of which might be affected by the opinion discussed in this paper.


XBMA – Quarterly Review for Q1 2011

The attached slides summarize trends in cross-border M&A and strategic investment activity throughout the first quarter of 2011.   Highlights: Global M&A volume for Q1 2011 was US$671.8 billion, up 29.5% as compared to Q1 2010. Cross-border transactions have rebounded substantially from 2009: 38% of Q1 2011 global M&A was cross-border — up slightly from … Continued

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