RUSSIAN UPDATE – The Civil Code: New Risks and New Opportunities

Executive Summary:

On 27 April 2012, a significant law was passed amending the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.  The changes to the Russian Civil Code proposes to introduce new institutions and rules of the civil legislation and to amend, supplement and otherwise update many existing laws.  The attached memorandum summarizes some of the most important updates.

  1. Basic changes in civil law fundamentals and general provisions on obligations and contracts
  2. Key changes in corporate governance
  3. The key new provisions regulating corporate transactions and the tools used therein
  4. Key novelties in title and other rights in rem to real estate, including land
  5. Financial transaction regulation: how it is developing
  6. Better protection of intellectual results and means of identification

To see the full report, The Civil Code:  New Risks and New Opportunities, please click here.